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Oxygen Normalized Mixture Fraction Estimation


The quality of combustion in a thermo-chemical system dictates the composition of the exhaust gas. Lean operation typically results in lower concentration of regulated pollutants like Carbon Monoxide, Unburned Hydrocarbons and Oxides of Nitrogen etc. It is also interesting to note that instances of dilution of exhaust with air, downstream of the combustion chamber, to artificially bring down the concentration of regulated pollutants have also been observed. To provide a uniform platform for the comparison of emission and to discount atrifical dilution effects, regulatory authorities the world over have made OXYGEN normalized reporting of exhaust mandatory. In oxygen normalized reporting, the observed emission data is corrected to have a specified concentration of Oxygen in the exhaust, typically on dry basis. The presented tool corrects the provided emission data to the desired levels of normalization. The base normalization is for wet mole/volume basis.


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Features / How to use:   

  • Enter the measured composition in volume %. If only dry composition is known then enter zero in the H2O field. All unburned Hydrocarbon must be clubbed with Methane.
  • Check if the composition sums to 100% by using the verify summation button. If the summation does not add to 100% then correct the entries OR if there is some uncertainty in the observed data, use the normalize button to normalize the supplied data to sum to 100%. Due care must be exercised in using the normalize option.
  • Once the input is verified, select the desired level of normalization from the drop down option. On selecting from the option, the result section will automatically be loaded with the Oxygen corrected data. If the input composition does not have any H2O then the wet and dry analysis will have matching results.
  • Use the standard composition button to load a reference data to test the application. The reference composition has some moisture and to get dry analysis, set the moisture to zero and then hit normalize before selecting the level of Oxygen correction.

First upload date:   

24th Oct-2018

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If additional Oxygen normalization levels are required, please send a request and I will be glad to include the same.

Enter the mole fraction values for the following mixture species in percentage (%)

Wet Analysis - Mole fraction of Oxygen normalized composition (%)
Wet Analysis - Mass fraction of Oxygen normalized composition (%)
Dry Analysis - Mole fraction of Oxygen normalized composition (%)
Dry Analysis - Mass fraction of Oxygen normalized composition (%)