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The tool is designed for conversion between mole/volume fraction and mass fraction of a gaseous mixture. A total of 105 species from the GRI-Mech 3.0 transport data file (Reference: Combustion Laboratory; University of California, Berkeley; have been listed as components of the gaseous mixture.


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Features / How to use:   

  • The fraction (mole or mass, as the case may be) should be entered in %.
  • The fraction should sum to within 0.01 accuracy (99.99 - 100.01).
  • For convenience, the species are segregated into two groups, major (8 species) and minor (97 species).
  • Air mole fraction data is loaded by default.
  • The convert MOLE fraction to MASS fraction button treats the input as mole fraction and converts the same to mass fraction.
  • The convert MASS fraction to MOLE fraction button treats the input as mass fraction and converts the same to mole fraction.
  • The normalize button can be used to normalize the input data. Caution is advise in the use of this facility.
  • On clicking the convert button the input data itself is replaced by the converted data.

First upload date:   

24th Oct-2018

Most recent update:   


Extension of the specie database is possible. If any additional species are required to be introduced as a mixture component, please send a mail with the request to and I will be glad to introduce the specie after due review.

Enter the fraction values in percentage (%) and selection the appropriate conversion option
Major Species

Minor Species