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Stoichiometric air-fuel ratio and lower calorific value of fuel/fuel-air mixture


The tool is designed to estimate the oxidizer/air fuel ratio, lower/higher calorific value of a fuel/fuel mixture (fuel containing a number of combustible components) and lower/higher calorific value of the stoichiometric fuel-air mixture on mole and mass basis. The fuel and stoichiometric fuel-air mixture molecular weight and the mole and mass fraction of the complete products of combustion are also estimated. The fuel mixture can be created using TEN combustible components, O2, N2 and CO2.


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Features / How to use:   

  • Enter the fuel composition in terms of mole/volume %. Oxygen, Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide can also form part of the fuel.
  • If the fuel is single component, for that particular component, the input may be set to 100.
  • In case of multi-component fuel mixtures, the total fraction should sum to within 0.01 accuracy (99.99 - 100.01). The "Verify Summation" button can be used for the estimation of sum of the input %.
  • The default value loaded is for Producer/Synthetic gas, a mixture of CO, H2, CH4 as combustibles and CO2, N2 as inerts.
  • The normalize button can be used to normalize the input data. Caution is advise in the use of this facility.
  • The reset to zero button can be used to set the input value to zero.
  • Use the "Evaluate A/F & CV" button to estimate the values.

First upload date:   

05th March-2019

Most recent update:   


Extension of the input specie database is possible. If any additional species are required to be introduced for fuel mixture, please send a mail with the request to and I will be glad to introduce the specie after due review.

Enter the fuel composition in mole fraction (%)

Inerts and Oxygen

CO2 // H2O // N2
CO2 // H2O // N2